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Elevate your expectations with virtually flawless produce, in every season, at conventional market prices.

HyTaste grows and delivers local produce to chefs that is safer, cleaner and better tasting, with unparalleled flexibility and availability. Our modern hydroponic farms use cleanroom-inspired technology to create ideal conditions for growing more than 150 varieties of greens, herbs, edible flowers and more, 365 days a year. 

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Perfection you can taste.

Each plant grown in our precisely-controlled facilities receives just the right amount of nutrients, filtered water, light, and humidity to achieve its dense, crisp, colorful and delectable state. We use organic growing methods and organic nutrients--we don’t need to use any pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, hormones, antibiotics or GMOs. And unlike traditional farms, our plants aren’t at risk for exposure to contaminants in the soil, water or air.

Precisely grown at conventional market prices.

Our smaller produce such as lettuce, some herbs, microgreens, and edible flowers are grown in a precisely-controlled, patent-pending hydroponic cleanroom called the HyCube. Tomatoes, strawberries, large leafy greens, and other herbs are also grown in data-controlled hydroponic environments. Thanks to our high-yield, energy-efficient, and fully automated systems that produce crops on accelerated grow cycles, we’re able to offer nature’s finest produce year-round, at conventional market prices.

Picked to plate within hours.

HyTaste delivers only to chefs within the local area of our urban-based farms, so our produce can be enjoyed by guests within hours of picking. This creates the ultimate farm-to-table experience with the most nutritious, clean and fresh produce possible. Crops may also be planned according to current needs or demand. This kind of access unleashes chefs to create menus fueled by their creativity rather than seasonal availability. 

Grown locally | Safer than organic | Non-GMO | Contaminate-free | Nutrient-rich | Sustainable | Available year-round | Flexible crops | Denser, crisper, fresher | Delectable in taste | Competitive pricing

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